Ostrich Eggs

The largest birds in the world naturally lay the largest eggs in the world!

Typically in the region of 1.6 – 1.8kg and containing around 1.2 litres contents, a single ostrich egg gives the equivalent volume to 24 large hen eggs, meaning you may need some assistance with eating one.

Very much just like a large hen egg when it comes to eating, ostrich eggs can be made into omlette, fried, scrambled or hard boiled if you have a spare 90 minutes. Allow around 50 minutes for soft boiling. We have yet to attempt to poach one, but maybe one day we will pluck up the courage.

Slightly richer than a hen egg, ostrich eggs are also excellent for baking with and we love to see and hear about what our customers manage to create with their eggs, and of course we are always available for any taste testing required!