Grass Fed Beef

Our Belted Galloway Beef Herd are 100% grass fed, meaning they mature relatively slowly and naturally. This allows a rich flavour and fine marbling to develop through the meat. The resulting fat is lovely and yellow and contains a greater proportion of omega 3 and the meat is richer in various other nutrients compared to beef which has been accelerated through the feeding of grains or other unnatural methods.

As such, we are confident that our grass fed Belted Galloway beef  products are among the highest quality it is possible to obtain, you really can taste the difference.

All our products are individually vacuum packed and kept frozen, although we can make it available fresh for a short time during restocking before we blast freeze it down to storage temperature as quickly as possible to maintain maximum quality by keeping as much as possible of the juices locked inside the meat.

We take pride in our farming methods and produce our meat to the highest ethical and environmental standards.