Our Products

We started building up our farm three years ago and are delighted that we can now offer a range of premium seasonal produce.  As our herds grow and mature, we hope to increase regular availability over the coming months for both fresh and frozen meat produce.

Our herds of Red Deer and Belted Galloway cattle are predominately grass fed, with occasional supplement should the elements require. We take pride in our farming methods and curate our meat to the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Premium venison from our Red Deer herd

Premium beef from our Belted Galloway cattle herd

Ostrich eggs are usually available in the summer months, from April to September.

Emu eggs are usually available in the winter months.  2018 is our first year having emus on the farm, so we are waiting patiently to see if they will lay eggs very soon!

We can also supply ostrich and emu egg shells and feathers, which are idea for crafting and painting!  Antlers are also available, usually in the autumn months, but we may have a stock at other times, depending on demand.

To make an enquiry about availability and price of any of our products and to place an order, please contact us

Venison @ Little Rowater


Belting Gallow Cattle Meat @ Little Rowater

Belted Galloway Beef

Ostrich Meat @ Little Rowater

Ostrich Meat

Ostrich Egg @ Little Rowater

Ostrich Eggs

Emu Egg @ Little Rowater

Emu Eggs

Deer Antler @ Little Rowater


Egg Shells @ Little Rowater

Egg Shells

Emu Feathers @ Little Rowater